Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dad Wisdom


YHC offered to take this post today. YHC has attended other 3rd F events but was not the Q until tonight and similar to the first Q on the first F was nervous, restless that will the right things get covered? Is there a definitive process? Well we had a great discussion this evening and all I can say is it was humbling to see what other brothers are doing and possibly going through these days. Probably the easiest topic was talking about being a dad and we picked up from there.

YHC is reading a book by Neil Peart titled Ghost Rider – Travels on the healing Rode which he chronicles his riding a motorcycle across Canada, across the US, Mexico to Belize. Driving 55,000 miles working out the meaning of life after just recently losing his wife and only daughter the year before in 1997/1998. In one short year he is alone, no longer a dad or husband. I have just started this book and already feel his pain and emotion. Powerful and YHC appreciates the fortunes in his life as I have had multiple friends lose their children, tragically, sudden and unexpected. And have witnessed the change to their family and friends forever.

We wrapped up and YHC took us out in prayer this evening.

It was an honor to lead this group this evening and I look forward to seeing you in the gloom. Prayers….CB.


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