Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A lively jaunt to Gayton


Five fearless warriors look through the gloom and eschewed the fart sack to join together for a run.

5mi route – Pump, Church to Gayton Elementary, through Pine Run and return on Ridgefield.

Prayers for Pinto’s M as her family works through the death of her father.

NMS. Not much to report today, we were all focused on getting our fitness to a rudimentary improved state in time for beach week. YHC does not mind the cold but we are all ready for the spring warm up. It is nice to have Light in the sky as we finish our run.



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    • The last time we ran that route was in reverse order and it’s easier to stay on track. Going south, that stop sign threw me.

      What I like about that route is that there is a turn off connecting Church and Ridgefield for 4 milers and we can add little extensions here and there to make it 6.

      Good running with you all.

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