Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Man Beast


They came on foot, by bike and by car but all arrived at Satan’s Hill for an OTB beat down. According to the white Tesla here is what went down.

COP 20 SSH, 20 LBC’s, 10 each DQ’s, Helicopters, dead man hang, imperial walkers, Jazzercise, Merkins, flutter kicks, Mosey to base of Satan’s hill.

Modified Beast. No need for the endless getting up and down. And a Build a beast at that. Perform 1st exercise 18 times at first stop, run remainder hitting 18 on way back. 1st exercise MErkins. 2nd round merkins again at 1st add LBC’s on 50 YD line. 3rd round add SSH’s, 4th round mountain climbers, 5th round Rosalita’s and 6th round squats. While the getting up and down was minimized this was no joke. Honeymoon grabbed Q. Mosey to rock pile 3 rounds of 20 curls and 1 minute planks. BTTF for a ring a fire with each pax calling out an Ab exercise. Time was called.

Honeymoon took us out in prayer.


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