Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another tardy Keydet


8 strong found a frost-free HBR. 7 were there on time and unable to lose Handshake as he came in hot on our mosey to the COP. We did:

COP: Don Qs, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Freddy Mercurys, Merkins.

Mosey over to PES front for Dora 123: 100 V-Ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Jump Squats. Head on over to the blacktop behind QMS: 10 HRMs each basketball hoop with bear crawl in between. 6 hoops in total.

Grab a spot on DK wall: 40 Donkey kicks & 50 LBCs. Then down to Coupon depository for 3 rounds of: 15 Block Pullovers & 30 Bench kicks. Mosey across football field (unless you’re Ronnie) then 2 min of Mary. Gypsy took us out.

Announcements: 3rd F tonight at 8:00. YHC has the Q. Prayers for kids returning to in-person school. Still time to sign up for the March challenge along with Gypsy and other F3 PAX around the country. See Slack for both.

NMS: Apparently promptness is optional at “The Institute” as Handshake did his best Probation impersonation as this morning’s LIFO. We tried to duck in to the blockyard but he spotted us easily for the COP. Good to have Gypsy back in the Gloom at HBR. Some questioned the Q’s call of 60 HRMs and bear crawl. YHC wanted to get the PAX ample merkin reps this AM. No dangerous frost on the pavement but fields were still plenty soggy.

Mumblechatter after the beatdown great. Gypsy has shed his inner Carolinian self with a 2nd working headlight and we might need to have a charity event to help Bacon Bits buy a new wardrobe with all the weight he has lost.


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