Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A day late and a dollar short


5:25 and YHC gets a text from Doublemint “this isn’t Thursday” with a picture of the Forge in the background.

5:30 YHC and Tobit hit the ground running

Mosey to JRHS for COP

DQ’s, Cherry Pickers, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers

Mosey to far parking lot for some Man Killers

Parking lot crawls starting with 5 lots Inchworm merkins back to the start with Crawl Bears merkin at every line followed by 10 lots Bear Crawl with increasing merkins by 1 at each line return to start with Crab Walk and increasing LBCs at each line.

Mosey to the track

Modified Catch me if you can, one partner runs to the opposite side of the track while other partner does exercise (X4 halves or 2 full laps)

Mosey to the playground at BW

11’s Pullups and Merkins

11’s Hanging crunches and LBCs

BTTF and see Doublemints ride in the BW lot to join us for numbers and names / YHC took us out

NMS: YHC had this workout planned in advance and decided it was going to get done even if it was a solo mission. Luckily Tobit decided that he couldn’t take the chance of YHC doing a solo workout and YHC is happy that he joined in on the fun. Hind site YHC should have texted back Doublemint to let him know which way the PAX of 2 where heading. Doublemint ended up on a wild goose chase on top of Twin Team and then going in reverse looking for the PAX.


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