Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Unexpected Pleasant Surprise, Koresh!


Six spud loving PAX members showed up for a warm morning and here is how it went down:

  • Mosey through the Bump House to get to the bottom of the triangle hill next to Carillon Courtyard for some warm-ups–it was a little less than a mile run.
  • COP:
    • Deadman hang x10, Arm circle x10 (both direction), DQ x10, Helicopters x10, Imperial Walkers x 10, LBC x 20, Merkins x10, American Hammers x10, Flutter Kicks x 10.
  • YHC wanted to do something different and may botch the explanation. It is a Dora: partner#1 is at the bottom of the hill going through 50 burpees, 100 merkins, and 200 air squats. Partner#2 runs up first tree and do 10 LBC and run back down and rotate with partner#1 and runs up second tree and do 20 LBC and run back down and rotate with partner#1, and so on.
    • Presently surprisingly, Bodos recruited a walker on the hill as his partner.

YHC moseyed to the triangle right next to the Carillon Courtyard. Started at the top with lunge to intersection, ran down the hill, 20 LBC, 20 American Hammbers, 20 Flutter Kicks, and bernie saunders up the hill, and 20 merkins. Repeated this exercise twice.

YHC moseyed back to the flag.

Numberama, Nameorama

We welcome Koresh to the F3! Bodos came up with this name as soon as FNG said he likes cult.

YHC took us out!


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  1. Welcome Koresh.

    The Cult is a great band. Came out at just the the right time, when we needed it to balance the overweigbt (but good) GNR

    They don’t get as much recognition amongst you youngins because of the long shadow of Nirvana.

    Other useful names
    Fire Woman
    Love Removal Machine.

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