Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Goodbye Facebook, hello OnlyFans


Seven strong sounded the early bell at First Watch on a fine gloomy morning, 3 of the PAX having ample antibodies. The tale goes something like:

COP: Invisible Jump rope, Don Qs, Navalny Freedom Kickers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, NO Scorpion kicks since Handshake wasn’t there…

Mosey over to RR(b) lot for Lindsays: HRMs and WWIIs. Mosey over to Henrico’s smallest park for Triple Check: Squats, Reverse Crunches, & run the triangle.

Back to the Coupon Depository: 60 Blockpresses, 20 SitNPress, AL Softball players, finish with 40 Coupon Swings. 3 min of Mary with Hells2Heaven, LBCs, American Hammers, & Pickle Pounders. COT & YHC took us out.

NMS: YHC thought we had the perfect 6 PAX number until Bacon Bits rolled in at exactly 5:00 after responding to Upchuck’s early morning “You up?” text.

Not much complaining about the HRMs in the Lindsays although there was a lot of groaning. During the Triple check the PAX learned that some are moving away from traditional Social media and turning towards other avenues of connection…

YHC awards today’s oversharer to Upchuck for his request on proper form on how to secure one’s cinderblock correctly during weighted APDs. It really does depend on the hole size in the block.

Continued Prayers for those dealing with COVID, Wojo shared he’s a one man shop as of today with the rest of his office out with it. Be on the lookout for a new bar with tackle dummies and blocking-sleds in the west end in 6 months.


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  1. Nice beatdown, HD! Glad to be back out.

    Being social-media free is great! The only reason I am still on Instagram is so I can see Wojo’s latest recipe come to life.

  2. Must have missed the thing about tackling dummies and blocking sleds.

    Would have sworn that was not a Honeydo Q with no donkey kicks or scorpions until we finished with pickle pounders.

  3. I love FirstWatch for the mumblechatter. It’s what keeps me coming back. Today didn’t disappoint. Too bad we can’t extend to coffeteria on Wednesday morning but nothing is open at that time.

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