Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Rise and Fall of the Beast


6 gentlemen (perfect number for today) showed up to take on the Rise and Fall of the Beast

Parking Lot Tracers

COP — Helicopters, arm circles, hip circles, toe taps, dips, DQ’s, Dying Cockroach, Freddies

Rise and Fall of the Beast — same concept as the beast, but do 3. 6. 9. 9. 6. and 3 of the following exercises
2) WW2
3)Jump Squats
4) Mountain Climbers
5) AST’s
6) Burpees

Reverse Dora
200 SSH, 100 Heels to Heaven, 50 burpees
Other person bear crawls to the curb and back

Modified Native American Run
Do it like normal, but at every light whoever is in charge calls out 20 of an exercise for the PAX. Continue running when done

Stretching in a Circle.

Names, Numbers, Announcements

Good to see everyone this slightly damp morning! YHC loves this group.


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