Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Right on Rock Creek?


Thirteen out, thirteen back. Here’s where they went: 


  • Around baseball field to College
  • Right on Lakewood (4s/5s)
  • Right on University (6s)
  • Right on Wood
  • Left on Baldwin
  • Right on Rock Creek
  • Right on Patterson
  • Right on Westham
  • Left on Durwood Crescent


  • Left on Ridge Top and touch Patterson


  • Left on Borden and touch Patterson
  • Left on Horsepen and touch Patterson
  • Left on Ridge Top and touch Patterson


  • Down Ridge Top to Hampshire through Fraternity Row


  • Back to flag


  • Once around the lake
  • Back to flag


  • Left on College
  • Right on Campus
  • Right on UR Drive
  • Back to flag

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


A few pleasant snowflakes met the PAX instead of the downpour predicted.  Where’s Marv when you need a weather forecast?  Right on Rock Creek caught the PAX off guard, didn’t realize that was new.  Plenty of opportunities to wave at fellow PAX and give an “atta boy” today.  Apologies to the 6s for being a hair short.  Will throw in something extra next time.  Gomer explained to some of the 5s that infantrymen are not the knuckle draggers many assume them to be and that his intelligence earned him the right to play with explosives.  Fascinating.


Prayers for people dying alone and families unable to see them

Prayers for Swirly’s 101 yo grandmother fighting Covid


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  1. I appreciated the route today EF. I especially appreciated the no bullshit attitude you took while giving instructions. Authoritative and without skipping a beat. Well done.

    The three fingers of Durwood were a lovely treat before the descent.

    • No Color Blind combat engineers.

      The intent of the comment was to highlight smart-ER as in just slightly.

      Det Cord and Time Fuse are both green (like a OD cat 5 cable). The difference is Time fuse has a yellow stripe every foot or so.

      If Joe mixes them he will have a bad day. As in unforgettably bad.

      Now you know and knowledge is half the battle.

      Gitty up!

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