Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A window of dryness


7 eager gents arrived for what was promised to be a monsoon event at Heartbreak. Instead, it was a dry, rather civilized 38 degrees. Here’s what went down:

Mosey to the front of the school for some SSH, Russian Soldiers, Arm circles, Merkins, and hill billies.

Next, head to the parking lot for a BEAST. Burpees, copperhead squats, merkins, monkey humpers, SSH and ___Squats (can’t recall the name – Attila’s request).

Mosey to the back of the elementary school and break up into two teams. First team does catch me if you can with 10 merkins (2 rounds). The other team was sent for AMRAP pull ups and dips. Then the teams switched exercises.

Head to the driest part of Heartbreak, an uphill paved slope, for 5 minutes of Mary so we could catch our breath.

Then, the world’s most unorganized triple check. It was supposed to be wall sits, donkey kicks and running to the fence. What ensued was something else. After a few rounds, I put the triple check out of its misery, and we headed back to the flag for some final SSH to run out the clock.

Announcement: HH at Kindred Spirit on 2/1/21 to celebrate end of dry January.

Numberama, nameorama and Handshake took us out.

I wore my waterproof hiking shoes and brought a rain jacket after the hype on the pre-game texts. All for not. I believe we managed to stay completely dry above the ankles. See you next time.


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