Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Last Resort


Many familiar faces and a few missing usual suspects, 12 warriors showed up to brave the cold and dark of the gloom and here’s how it went down. With no one on the Q sheet, YHC was graciously penciled in to fill the spot.


The PAX moseyed over to and circled in the loop near the Caroline Tower for some side-straddle hops, dead man hangs, arm circles, merkins, and LBC’s.

The Thang:

  1. The Probe: PAX moseyed over to the field at Caroline Tower and we ran through an routine I like to refer to as Beast’s less painful but still uncomfortable cousin, the Probe.

Run downfield and back stopping at 25 yd, 50 yd,75 yd, and the end zone doing 7 5 reps of each exercise. (PAX immediately pushed back when 7 reps or 49 burpees was suggested for first round so we modified to 5 reps)

Round 1: Burpees

Round 2: Hand release merkins

Rouind 3: Heels to heaven

2. Touch a Tree

PAX grabbed the coupons and paired up for rounds of 10,8,6,4,2 touching trees and exercises:

Between tree runs were 10 reps of curls, standing presses, and abyss merkins…..on repeat. Once we got to 6 trees we switched to 5 reps each on repeat.

3. Triple Check

PAX moseyed over near a short distance for a triple check with our coupons for 3 rounds of 3 exercises.

  1. Squat Thrusts holding coupon
  2. Flutter Kicks with coupon held up behind head.
  3. Pace car ran to the pull bars for 10 pull-ups.

PAX moseyed to the flag and finished up with a ring of fire. YHC took us out with a prayer. Grateful to be out there with such a great group of guys. God bless you all.


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