Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A steady workout without much chatter


Here is how it went down

COP: 10 side straddle hop 10 DQs, 10 storm squats. 

Mosey to short  Pump park circle up, 20 hand release merkins, Circle the island doing butt kickers, circle again karaoke,  3rd time Bernie Sanders, back to start 20 burpees. 

Head back out on the street up the broad and over to trader Joe shopping centre. 50 LBC’s, GP equipment failure reset then Mosey back to flag,

Mosey over to the track for intervals, Sprint halfway, 20 count rest Sprint half again, repeato 3 times, 50 LBCs, Bernie half lap, bear crawl quarter lap, recover, jog one final lap and head back to flag. 20 hand release merkins, 30 2 count freddy Mercury’s, 20 rosalitas, thats a wrap. 3.4 miles of dark ground covered.


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