Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Lotta Left Turns


A cold chill to the air could not deter the Pax this morning. A quick round of directions and off we went. Towards the main entrance, but taking the new sidewalk on the right to connect to Roselawn. Roselawn to Toanna, and a right on the access road.

4s turn left on St Chris to Patterson while 5s/6s continue down to Grove. 5s turn on Libbie and 6s turn on Lexington. Everyone heads west bound on Patterson to Horsepen. Down the hill to the gate, which was locked. Improvise around the fence on the trail, past the baseball field and down to the lake. 5s take a lap around the lake.

Swirly took us out.


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    • Did he explain the deferral nonsense on the coin toss? I’ve never understood that one. Just pick if you want the ball or don’t want the ball. Then the other team chooses a side, like every other sport.

      • You have to defer to get your choice of receiving in the second half. If you win the toss and say you’ll kick, the other team gets the choice in the 2nd half so you’d likely end up kicking to start both halves.

        • I get how it works. I just don’t get why they do it that way. Either pick to receive or pick a side. If you receive in 1st half you kick in 2nd half and vice versa. Get rid of this defer BS.

          • Gotcha, well then I don’t know. This is the same league that pays Roger Goodell roughly $50M so why ask why, there is no answer.

    • Awesome running with Bodos. Every week I get a new compliment, Human Compass, Football Encyclopedia. Wanna talk beer next week? Though, Splinter is the true beer sensei.

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