Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Florida Abs


Twelve stallions trampled the lure of the Fart Sack and reported to the paddock for this week’s version of the Hoedown. Temperatures were a seasonably pleasant sunny and 70 at F3RVA’s darkest AO. According to the inscription on the TES Boulder, this is what happened:

Mosey to the Third Church parking lot for the COP:

5 burpees
Russian Soldiers
Imperial Walkers
Dead Man Hang
Scorpion Kicks
5 HRMs
WWI sit-ups

Mosey to the Teacher’s Parking Lot for MLKs:

Monkey Humpers (x15)
Little Baby Crunches (x10)
Kraken Burpees (x5)
Run the Loop, clockwise.
Repeato x3

Mosey to the Little School Library for Curley Howard’s:

2 HRMs
3 Flutter Kicks
4 Lt. Dan’s
5 Box Cutters
Run the loop, again, clockwise.
Repeato 3x, but increase reps x2 on Round 2 and x3 on Round 3.

Mosey to the Blacktop for Sergei Mangote:

Bear crawl across blacktop
Perform 10 mountain climber merkins (3 mountain climbers followed by a hand release merkin). Q called 20 originally, then sanity prevailed and Q modified.
Repeato 3x.

Mosey to the Corner for Florida Abs:

Pick 3 PAX members. Have them share their favorite ab exercises. Last Call chose LBCs. Garbage Plate chose V-ups. Honey Do chose heels-to-Heaven.

Start with 20 of the 1st exercise. Then, run halfway down the blacktop and do 20 of the 2nd exercise. Run the remainder of the blacktop and do 20 of the 3rd exercise at the end. Bear crawl across the width of the blacktop, and repeat the cycle on the opposite side of the blacktop. Continue the cycle until time is called. Handshake and Bodo’s made it through about 1.5 loops.

Mosey back to the VSF

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


Today the country celebrates Martin Luther King’s Birthday. YHC thinks this is great. YHC also has never understood why this country celebrates every famous person’s birthday on a Monday or a Friday. YHC thinks this is a little nutty. However, it is perhaps no less nutty than the tradition of mixing flour, butter, eggs, and sugar in a pan, cooking it, lighting it on fire, and then singing. Birthdays are strange.

Welcome back to Honey Do.

Let’s hope for a peaceful week for our country. YHC confesses – he is done with crazy people pushing nonsense. 2021 is a year for intelligent people to lead through persuasion, reason, and kindness. YHC challenges every member of F3RVA to commit themselves to leading by setting a positive example.


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  1. Nice Q Upchuck. I had to immediately take a shower when I got home, not because I was sweaty, but from feeling dirty after running the loop clockwise.

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