Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dark Day start @ DaPile


5 men showed up this morning for an hour beatdown breakfast here is how it went down.

Run Warm up

Bulkhead and Spit met at the Rutland Clubhouse and ran the Bojangles loop then over the train tracks into Giles subdivision for the 1 mile loop finishing at the Atlee HS parking lot for the 6:30am start time. They also ran back to the Clubhouse after COT at the flag.

YHC showed up to the AO planted the Shovel flag and we moseyed to the East side Entrance to the School for COP.


We performed 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Russian Soldiers, 10 helicopters, 10 2ct American Hammers, 10 LBC’s 10 reverse scorpions, 10 scorpions, 20 merkins.


So we mosey to the base of the Atlee train bridge hill and start our Carpenter Dora as we had 5 we broke up into one group of 2 and a group of 3. Group 1(G1) ran to intersection at top of hill and back as the timer and G2 performed the Exercise. The highest count of the exercise was how we traded off for the next group to pick up the count. We performed 100 merkins, 200 WW2 sit ups and 300 SSH.

It is still very dark so we mosey to the lighted parking lot across the street(Atlee Campus has no lights on the weekend) and it has 6 trees that are perfect for ‘touch a tree’ triple check Dora. So the exercises were 100 sit ups, 200 lunges and 300 squats. The Timer was the touch a tree, similar to the above we had a different groups of 2 and 3 and we flap jacked exercises and touch a tree until all reps were completed.

Lighter outside now so we mosey to the front of Atlee HS and do a triple check of Donkey kicks and Lunges to the side walk and back(as the timer) for the first two rotations then performed a Bernie Saunders as the timer for the last rep.

We then mosey to flag for some Mary to cool down stretching for 4 minutes.


Namerama and Numberama and Pavarotti took us out in prayer.


We continue to discuss staying safe during the Pandemic as infections continue to rise. We also discussed reaching out to some F3 brothers that we have not seen in awhile.

It was an honor to lead this morning….Cheers…CB


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