Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Second hand smoke


At 5:30 am Huguenot High School welcomed an eclectic mix of Forge regulars, visitors, and a special lady smoking the chronic in her car. The stage was set for an epic beatdown that was sure to be enjoyed by all.

Mosey to the lower circle for warmups that included the following: Don Quixotes, helicopters, cherry pickers, dead man hang, Russian Soldiers, LBC’s, hand release merkins.

Exercise 1:
Using the lower parking area that is divided into 3 sections:
Broad Jump Burpees, Broad Jumps, Broad Jump Burpees.
Turn around and complete: Plank walk, crab walk, plank walk.

A late arriving Hardywood infused the group with energy and propelled us to the finish line.

Exercise Two: At the base of lower grass hill: Bear Crawl up the hill, reverse bear crawl down. Repeat x 5.

Exercise 3:

Mosey to the big hill and partner up. Partner one does a suicide style run using 3 no parking signs as the turnaround points. Other partner does WWII sit ups.

Audibled to 2 parking signs for the second and third set. Partners alternated between running and doing flutter kicks then hello dollies.

Exercise 4: At the school: Rotate between Tooth Fairies, 20 count chicken peckers, 20 count dips until time was called. Back to the flag!


Announcements: Celebrate dry January by getting your drink on at Kindred Spirits in February. See Slack for details.

Greenbow took us out. Specific prayers for Last Call’s MIL and all those battling COVID.

Final Thoughts:

It was great to have Fin stop by this morning. He is part of F3 in Greenville, NC and was in town for a couple days for a swim meet.

Also happy that Greenbow’s comeback tour reached our neck of the woods.

Glad we got this workout in despite all of the uptick in COVID cases. Stay safe out there!

There’s a lot to love about being outside early in the morning: the crisp cold air and the crunching of the frost beneath our feet can be magical at times. But there is no better treat than running through a cloud of ganja smoke in route to the warm-up circle.

It was an honor to lead!


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  1. Great work this morning Chap. Welcome Fin, hope you enjoy your visit to Richmond. Good to see everyone coming out but staying safe. Hope those on the mend a quick recovery.

    Just curious if anyone else had a hankering for a Taco Bell run on the way home?

    • Really good Q this morning! The Taco Bell reference is hilarious! There was so much smoke rolling out of the window, I thought it was on fire! Have a great evening, Gents!

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Ha, I was on the far side of the lot from that car but was curious. Didn’t know they were exercising…..their rights under Virginia legislation SB 2!

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