Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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In a crispy cold morning, seven strong men showed up for the beatdown. Here is how it went down:

YHC moseyed through the Bump House to get to  the Carillon Courtyard for some warm-ups–it was about a mile run.

Arm circle x10 (both direction), DQ x10, Helicopters x10, LBC x 20, Merkins x10, Scorpion Kicks x10 OYO.

First, YHC broke PAX into two groups. Circumnavigate inner and outer Carillon Field, running lengths, bearcrawl far end, returning to the courtyard to complete reps IC for the SIX. Each group took turns in running inner and outer the field: Round 1: 20X Merkins, Round 2: 20X American Hammers, Round 3: 20X SSH, Round 4: 20X WWII

YHC moseyed to the triangle right next to the Carillon Courtyard. Started at the top with lunge to intersection, ran down the hill, 20 LBC, bernie saunders up the hill, and 20 merkins. Repeated this exercise three times

YHC moseyed back to the flag.

Numberama, Nameorama, COT

Announcements – Swirly updated us on M’s current status and thanked all text, calls, and care.

Prayers – prayer for Honeydo and DTH ‘s quick recovery and for TYA and Bleeder’s mother.

Pucker took us out with prayer.


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  1. Nice Q Hitch. Crispy is indeed a good way to describe the weather this morning. Really appreciated your words on on healing for people and for the country!

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