Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How to avoid wet pavement – Potato Style


5 Socially Distant Studs rose from the Fart Sack to find some seldom seen occurrences, a open Q at No Toll and a Mr. Roper appearance. 5.30 hit without a lead to start so PAX nominated Roper to start us off for the ensuing Toasty Potato.

Mosey to the parking lot for a Warmarama consisting of SSH (20), DQ’s (10), Russian Soldiers (10), Carolina Dry Docks (10), Helicopters (10), Merkins (20), WWII’s (20). Some exercises in cadence, others not so much. Roper, running out of ideas, tossed the steaming tuber to Doner Kebab

DK continued to sample the wet pavement, mosey to the parking lot edge for a train of pole smokers. 10 pole smokers then leapfrogs neighboring PAX holding 6″ or performing Rosalitas, dealers choice. 1 round complete, short mosey for curb crawls with merkin breaks. 3 rounds of 10 steps/10 merkins got the shoulders nice and hot. Herbacious Perinneal was passed to Boberry.

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for 11’s consisting of generously spaced merkins and copperhead squats with a sprint across both tennis courts in between. Feeling the burn, Boberry led a respectable 4 corner routine with 40 reps at each turn. Exercises included Plank Jacks, Squats, LBC’s and SSH’s. Starchy goodness was passed onto Last Call.

Mosey over to the often neglected restrooms for a quintuple check. 3 rounds of 5 exercises rotating by the timer. Exercises included bench dips, squats, people’s chair, balls to the wall with the timer running to the playground entrance and back. Everyone goes 3 rounds. Times up, BTTF.

Names, numbers, announcements – Doozy took us home.

NMS: It seems the Covid circle has gotten a bit snug as of late, opening up the Q sheet at No Toll and reducing the usually strong numbers at No Toll to allow more socially distant activities. Roper emerged from his car after his cross country vehicle delivery, requesting the Q to avoid ground activities so not to soak the bum. PAX agreed the best way to avoid such activities, is to take the Q. Roper was a bit reluctant but got the potato started by quickly going to ground on the warmup. Counting was a bit of an issue while continuing various conversations, some in cadence, others, not so much.

All exercises were spaced accordingly and much appreciated by the PAX. With time winding down, YHC happily agreed to post the backblast to avoid Doozy’s Mankillers

Thoughts and prayers are with those brothers and thier families currently in quarantine. Hoping for minimal effects and a quick recovery. Miss seeing the numbers but smaller groups allow time for comradery and good mumble chatter.

Announcements: Posey (Doozy’s 2.0) is using the art of probabilities to raise funds for a trip to Cooperstown. Doozy’s Casino can provide squares a plenty for your gambling needs during the upcoming Super Bowl. Doozy is also organizing a Dry January Release Party on February 1st at Kindred Spirit for those looking to break the personal shackles of alcohol free start to 2021.


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