Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

1st & 10



1st & 10 on Satan’s Hill. Picture Satan’s Hill as a football field (Halfway up being the 50 yard line). At the 10 yard line do 10 merkins & 1 burpee, sprint to the top and jog back down to the 20 yard line. Do 9 merkins & 2 burpees then sprint to the top and back down to the 30…..go up by 10 yards each time until you reach the top (finishing with 1 merkin and 10 burpees).

Round 2

Going from the parking lot entrance down to the bottom of the hill, Same thing just starting with 1 ball dipper & 10 Squats, sprinting to the bottom and back to the 20 for 2 ball dippers & 9 squats….repeat until done

Round of Mary

Strong work! Have a great weekend.


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