Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

South on Southampton on the Southside


A not so lively 14 able bodied runners skipped manly stretching for this morning’s iteration of Spider Run. Those that arrived by 5:27 received instructions and made some left turns, others were destined to follow.

The Route
– South through the batcave and continue South on Huguenot
– Loop around the exit ramp and turn left on Riverside
– Turn left on Southhampton (also south)
– 4s turn around at the first intersection which should have been Old Spring Road and return the way you came
– 5s & 6s continue South on Southampton until Cherokee and turn around
– Head north on Southampton until you reach a fork in the road. Take the left fork which is Butte.
– 1st left on Rivercrest which eventually intersects Riverside
– 5s take a right on Riverside and head back home
– 6s take a left on Riverside then a left (also south) on Waumsetta
– Continue south until intersection of Cherokee and then return back to Riverside and return home

Numbers, names, YHC took us out over the not-so-quiet LP powered GRTC vessel.

None. Quiet bunch today. Dry January is challenging some of the PAX. Clear the fridge party at Saab’s sometime in the future.

Once again, Splinter beat Saab to the Q sheet signup. YHC wonders if this is simply Saab’s way of goading others to sign up. Regardless, we ran across the river today and will have to wait a week for Saab’s well planned route.

Faceplant disclosed he never looks at the Q spreadsheet. He treats 530am like Christmas morning every morning. Always a surprise. Kind of like when my kids open their presents on Xmas morning, it’s always a surprise to me as well.

Lockjaw has a resolution to keep his Q ratio even at 50% this year. For the record, he posted to Spider Run and he wasn’t even the Q. On track so far this year.

Mileage estimates seemed a little off today. Some short, some long. Screw it, we ran.




  1. For the record I practice “moist” January…which is a compromise b/w Splinters “weekdays only”and the ill-advised “dry” contingent.

    Correctamundo…Saab has an arsenal of high octane brews for giveaway….doesn’t matter which month we are in. As Saab continues to age so does his ability to metabolize anything higher than 4%

    • If I come up with a route and name it “DIPA”, does that warrant one of these high octane brews? Maybe we launch a HDHH hill run from casa de Saab.

  2. Great route today Splinter! Not the usual onslaught of Spider Run hills, but some nice ones mixed in to ease us out of the holidays. The river crossing is always awe inspiring.

    Regarding the comment pertaining to Face Plant, maybe we should sign him up to Q Spider Run. He would certainly be surprised in a different way then!

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