Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Better late than never…and now we can do a Proper Dora


15 morning warriors and 1 four-legged friend kicked things off at NoToll promptly at 0530 and 1 joined LIFO to make things even for a Proper Dora. Some guys even limbered up early with pre-game Broga! The normal festivities went like this:

Mosey to the back lot for the disclaimer and COP, all IC, including:

  1. SSHs
  2. DQs
  3. Helicopters
  4. Jazzercisers
  5. Imperial Walkers
  6. Tempo Merkins
  7. LBCs

Mosey to the far end of the parking lot near the field and each man finds a post and assumes the position on their six holding the post for a pole smoker line of fire. YHC started with 10 pole smokers while the PAX held six inches. Second man starts pole smokers as YHC runs to the end of the line and finds a new post. Six inches was painful with 15 men, so part way through we mixed in some Hello Dollies, Rosalitas, and Flutter Kicks. After each man did 10 pole smokers – recover and mosey to the pavilion.

Triple Check at the pavilion. 1 man runs across the field and back, 1 man does merkins (dealer’s choice), 1 man does WWIIs. Swap and rotate. Three times through. Plank for six and do some ASTs IC.

Mosey to the front field for 4 corners, compounding and Bro-code style. Start in corner 1 with 10 merkins. Run to corner 2 and plank for the SIX, then do 10 merkins and 20 jump squats after SIX arrives. Run to corner three and plank for the SIX, then do 10 merkins, 20 jump squats, and 30 2-ct mountain climbers after SIX arrives. Run to corner 4 and plank for the SIX, then do 10 merkins, 20 jump squats, 30 2-ct mountain climbers and 40 SSHs after SIX arrives – and after BONE THUGS ARRIVES! Our resident speedster (Fresh Prince) left his sweatshirt in corner 1 mistakenly assuming YHC would close the box… no worries, the PAX went on a search and rescue mission and continued the mosey for a full lap and all the way back to the basketball courts.

Pair up for a Proper Dora-cide. Partner 1 runs a suicide while Partner 2 completes as many proper Dora exercises as possible. Flapjack, continue counting and repeato until 50 Proper Doras are complete or time is called. The proper Dora consisted of 1 merkin, 2 LBCs and 3 squats. Transitioning up and down was as hard as the exercises.

Circle up in the middle for 4 minutes of MARY, including:

  1. 1 Burpee (to make the workout official)
  2. Hello Dollies
  3. Rosalitas
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. APDs
  6. Heel touches
  7. Freddie Mercuries
  8. 30-seconds of plan (for the Brogas!)

BTTF, COT, Numbers, Names and YHC took us out.


  • Great news – Bone Thugs’ parents are recovering well from COVID,
  • Happy news – Florence and his M are expecting 2.2…check the Jerry Springer headlines for confirmation of paternity.
  • Broga session went well. 5 or 6 guys were there. Other than OC, they remained nameless. Broga sessions will continue 0500 on the tennis courts at NoToll.
  • Hardywood on Q at W-Dog tomorrow.
  • 3rd F tonight – Gomer has (or had) the Q.
  • SOT continues to have both a bootcamp and run option on Wednesdays.

NMS: Great morning for some work and some fellowship. YHC peeled in hot (DK style) at 0529:30 ready to roll. There was fear that maybe I forgot or overslept. Never fear, just putting the final touches on this morning’s bowl of Gumbo. YHC was bummed with the initial 13 number that moseyed tot he back – can’t pair up or triple up…DAMN. I figured (hoped) Fresh Prince would roll in LIFO to make an even 14, but he brought a friend (Chaplain I think?), so 15 it was a the Triple Check was on. Then to my wonderous surprise, during 4 corners, a Bone Thugs miracle appeared out of the woods. And YHC’s hope for a Proper Dora was achievable. Thanks Bone Thugs!

Always great to lead such a fine group. Thanks for following along.

Stay well. Be great.

No More Gumbo For You!


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