Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We are the ones that make it a brighter day!


YHC is honored to be around the six men who came out today to put in the work. If they were looking for running, today was not the day.

Here is how it went down. Give or take a few details.

COP, Everyone involved today calling out exercises. YHC created order and off we went…………not far.

Parking lot tracers (I guess) PAX member calls out exercise and way to get to other side. Number of each on pavement. On to doors. Same order different numbers and off we went. Got a bit mixed up on order and a bit of controvversy on policy for double doors. Back to flag for a bit of mary.

Sorry Honeymoon, but can’t remember all called out exercises, but you knew that.

OC took us out.

Ok – so the video is just a representation of when we all got along (Kinda) as a society. For those who have no idea what We Are The World was………well you missed out. Enjoy!


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