Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Public shaming, middle school style


7 bucks and 1 lil’ buck descended on Heartbreak Ridge, and this is what transpired.

COP 1 in the Parking Spaces by the front door, disclaimer was made. AUDIBLE mosey to the darkness in front of the school for COP 2

Mosey down and around the bus loop and up to Pemberton Elementary for a Triple Check consisting of Running, Flutter Kicks?, and Monkey Humpers.

Taking advantage of the 28 Parking Spaces, 1 Merkin for every spot, then mosey back the start. Then 3 WWII’s at every spot and staying on all four’s between spots.

Mosey to Tennis Courts. A bit of mutiny was attempted by The Clydesdales (Honeydo and Atilla), command was forcibly retaken with 10 Burpees *Insert, “I am the Captain now” movie quote*. Miscellaneous exercises were completed.

Mosey to random wall by the Basketball Court. Partner up, Balls to the Wall, and 20 Hand Release Merkins, twice through.

Announcements –

Back Bits is having a baby, strike that, from when the announcement was made Bacon Bits has HAD his baby. A little girl, Mom and baby are healthy.

January 1st non-Convergence run at Mary at 0700 New Years Day.

NMS – Backblack title comes thanks to Probation. He rolled into the Parking Lot at 0531 just as we had set up at our designated COP location. He was waving gingerly to make sure we saw him, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to play a joke. The Pax moseyed over to the trees in front of the school which acted as a Cloak of Invisibility. The Pax whisper counted. You could see Probations face go from excitement to a mixture between confusion and sadness as he ran around the corner, apparently shaming was something he knew well in Middle School. That being said, we didn’t make it hard for him to find us and a good laugh was had by all.

Thanks to the Pax for the opportunity for “Hand” to lead.


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