Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cold but Quite Morning


In a cold morning (~25°F), three brave men showed up for the beatdown. Here is how it went:

Hitchhiker led warm-up and first exercise. We moseyed through the Bump House to get to  the Carillon Courtyard for some warm-ups–it was about a mile run.

Arm circle x10 (both direction), DQ x10, Helicopters x10, LBC x 20, Merkins x10, Scorpion Kicks x10 YOY.

First, DTH’s warm-up exercise. Circumnavigate Carillon Field, running lengths, bearcrawl far end, returning to the courtyard to complete reps IC for the SIX: Round 1: 20X Merkins, Round 2: 20X LBC, Round 3: 20X American Hammers.

Shiplap led second exercise. We moseyed to collect coupons at the Stage and formed up backside of Carillon. Triple Check!

P1 (timer) murder bunny to the light post and run back to the stage. P2 does WWII with the coupon. P3 does curl with the coupon.

Lastly, Faceplant led third exercise. We moseyed back through the Bump House to get to where we started with several merkins on the way.

Numberama, Nameorama, COT

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Convergence Friday

Shiplap took us out with prayer.


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