Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ski Season Prep


11 strong gathered in the gloom for a workout to start the week. Here’s how it went down…

COP: Mosey to the front of the school to start with Dead Men’s Hang, SSH, Don Quixote, Russian Soldiers and finally some box cutters.

We moseyed behind the school to the playground on the upper field for a Dora. Partner up. One partner does the exercises while other partner runs to school and does 10 donkey kicks and returns. Exercises were 100 incline Merkins, 200 (full count, 2 count, 4 count depending on who you ask) LBCs and 300 SSH.

Mosey to upper blacktop for Triple Check. Exercises were copper head squats, flutter kicks and run to fence at end of blacktop and back. Three rounds.

Next up we moseyed to teacher’s lot, partnered up with one partner doing Lt Dans while other partner runs the sides of the lot – backwards on short side, shuffle to right on long side, then forwards on other short side and shuffle to left on other long side. Switch and do 5 rounds.

We found we still had some time left so we moseyed to the main parking lot, partnered up and had one partner doing reverse crunches while the other partner ran up to the paved hill, then Bernie Sanders up the hill and run back. We did this until near full time then moseyed back to the flag and did one round of ring of fire of 10 Merkins each. Times up.

Wasn’t sure what to title this workout until UpChuck asked if I was prepping for ski season given all the lunges and squats. Seems appropriate as it is that time of year. Upchuck suggested we buy 5 acres of land at a posh Colorado resort for a cheap $895K (at 1990s prices) and start F3 Rockies. I can pitch in $100 to that!

Congratulations and good luck tomorrow for Bacon Bits whose wife is scheduled to have their second baby! Also good luck to Water Wings child who is having adenoid surgery on Wednesday I believe. Finally, good luck to Water Wings who is completing 1000 miles run in 2020 – only 35 miles left to go!


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  1. Good to have you back on the Q sheet. I’m already feelin the quad burn.

    Nice to partner with Pucker (Q), GP, Singer, and Water Wings. Way to push to hit 1,000 (180 miles this month!).

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