Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frosty you know man


Nine posted for the GridIron before last under chilly, but clear skies. COP in the main parking lot with the usual.

Hop the short fence into the nearby softball field for Vicious Circle (thanks F3 Exicon). Pax completes sideways Bear Crawl counter-clockwise around the bases. Last guy in line jogs to the mound for five two-count Mountain Climbers and jogs to the front of the line. Rotate through until all have completed one go. Second round with Lunge Walk around bases and Ball Dippers at the mound.

Cross the fence and head just down the hill from the far end zone of the football field to begin a round of Lindsays. Zombie Crawl (Exicon) up the hill to the end line for 30 two-count LBCs then Crab Walk back down the hill for 10 two-count American Hammers. Continue the sequence offsetting reps by five until 10 and 30 are done.

Mosey around the field to the sidewalk between the football concession stand and press box. Pair (with one set of three) up with one guy grabbing the press box posts for Pole Smokers while the other guy runs to the field to complete five Wal-Mart Burpees (Exicon). Complete three rounds.

Jog across the park to the pull up bars, break into two groups, and line up on each side of the bars. First guy in line completes a Pull Up with and counts out a 10 second hold. Last guy in line completes a negative Dip to the first guy’s count. Remaining PAX hold plank at the edge of the area. Rotate through until all have completed three rounds.

Return the parking lot for Wave of Merkins (yes, Exicon). Circle up. One guy completes a Merkin and as he finishes, the next guy starts a Merkin, and so on like a wave around the circle. First guy completes two Merkins and the rest of the circle does the same. Continue until six Merkins completed by all. Stand up and do the same with Squats, also stopping after six. Finish with a few minutes of stretching and a COT.

Congratulations to our friend, and GridIron regular, Quest who was married on 12/20/2020.


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