Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who needs fingertips anyway?


A handsome collection of gloom vets escaped the Christmas carb coma to embrace an arctic chill. Turns out when you hug Jack Frost, he hugs back. Here’s how the PAX stayed one step ahead of frostbite:


COP #1:

  • Mosey to the Carillon Courtyard
  • Welcome & F3 Disclaimer
  • To warm up, circumnavigate Carillon Field, running lengths, bearcrawl far end, returning to courtyard to complete reps IC for the SIX:
  • Round 1: Imperial Squat Walkers & DQ’s
  • Round 2: The Opus & Crab Jacks
  • Round 3: NoCheat Merkins, Rosalita Whips, Freddie M’s slow to fast

COP #2:

  • Mosey over to the far Circle and Partner Up
  • P1 starts carousel planks around curb while while P2 completes x5 burpees, then they switch, and continue alternating until circumference fully traversed
  • Slow Curb Dips IC for the SIX

COP #3:

  • Mosey to collect coupons at the Stage and form up backside of Carillon
  • Triple Check:
  • P1 (timer) runs coupon around the Carillon
  • P2 does Squat Thrusters alternated with Kettlebell Swings
  • P3 does Bench Press Flutters alternated with WWII holding block on chest
  • Murder Bunny to return coupons to stage, then Al Gore & Hold Plank for the SIX

COP #4:

  • Mosey to top of Amphitheater
  • Move to bottom with descending count 17-1, alternating Dips and Monkey Humpers
  • At bottom, Am Ham’s IC for the SIX
  • Return to top with ascending count 1-17, alternating Box Jumps with Incline Merkins
  • Await the SIX with Oblique LBC’s and APD’s IC, then close out with Heels to Heaven and Kimchi Twists IC
  • AYG sprint BTTF


  • Counterama # 14
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • YHC was surprised and pleased with such a solid turnout the day after Christmas. Also enjoyed having Papabear Boberry out to congratulate the man on a healthy newborn girl. Apparently they are waiting to bring her out to a workout for formal naming by the PAX… YHC is voting for “Not unlike cold molasses, the PAX moved slowly to start, but the warmerama COP served its purpose, and soon it was just lips and fingers suffering the cold. YHC misspoke directions through numb lips at least a few times, and there were more than a few brothers who found the coupon handling endangering fingertip frostbite. Of course Cooper also had to add his own threat to the PAX health and safety, wielding a samurai sword stick around the COT and playing piñata with Doublemint’s scrotum. Pretty sure YHC saw Handshake running toward the danger looking for an inexpensive alternative to the impending doom of urologic sterilization. Maybe next time buddy. Finish the year strong brothers. SYITG, YHC, DTH

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Inducted into F3 at NoToll 9/25/18 (Ollivander's VQ). [Back Story: VMI Class of 2005, Grad work at UVA, Med School at PCOM in Philly, Pediatric Residency at VCU, Served medical missions x1 year in Papua New Guinea, Settled in Bon Air with hot wife and 2 terrific kids. Work at PAHP (Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners) and serve at Crossover Clinic. Attend WEAG (West End Assembly of God) - serve on leadership teams for Small Group and Marriage ministries. Serve abroad annually on medical mission trips. Love to hunt and fish at my parent's farm in Lexington VA. Enjoy a monthly Texas Hold'em night with the guys. Build furniture and landscape for fun.]


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