Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A smelly hot potato


6 studs swore off the fartsack to post for a Hot Potato Q at HBR. We did:

Honeydo: COP at end of track: SSH, Don Qs (modified Cherry Quixotes), Russian Soldiers, Merkins, & LBCs. Mosey to coupon repository for a block then onto the field. Dora 123 of: 100 Squats, 200 Bench Presses, 300 Block Swings (audible to 200 for time) while runner does width of field & back.

Pinto Q: Murder Bunny half of field, run the rest to fence, then run back to block & Murder bunny back to fence. 10 Burpees. Repeato 2nd time with 15 Burpees at the end. This was NOT fun.

Handshake Q: Gorilla Shimmie (?) with block to halfway then Bear Crawl to fence. Same way back.

Atilla Q: Jack Webbs up to 10 then 5 rounds of Bernie up the small hill. Back to flag for Reverse cruches & America Hammers. Atilla took us out.

NMS: Lots of flatulence in the gloom this morning, but not by any one PAX. All equal opportunity stinkers except Bacon Bits. Handshake and Atilla made a testy pair on the Dora. Handshake’s feelings were still hurt from last week’s BB apparently.

YHC almost took the Q back when Pinto dropped the Murder Bunny & Burpee combo. The murder bunny has become quite popular after a month or so break after it’s first annual debut in the IPC in September.

Bacon Bits is officially 1 week away from Baby #2 arrival. He seems to be weighing posting at HBR next Tuesday, maybe a great chance to spring a VQ and then head to the delivery room. You’ll have ample time to write a solid BB while in the hospital.

Announcements: New Years Convergence at Satans Hill next Friday. Come for the 7:00 beatdown, stay for the parade of unnecessary golf carts at 8:00.


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