Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Except that You’re 48 Now


18 icicles decided to defrost their toes and warm their hearts collectively in celebration of YHC and HoneyDo’s birthdays at today’s edition of The Dogpile. Temperatures were an unseasonably warm sunny and 70. According to the toll operators on the Nickel Bridge, something like this happened:

10 Burpees to warm our souls.

Split the Q today to spread the birthday love.

HoneyDo Q (birthday mañana):

Quick COP

Warma Dora 60/120/180 of burp ups, merkins, and the tiniest of baby crunches.

Coupon-a-ram-a: 80 presses along with murder bunnies across the field.

3 sets of 15 pullovers

10 sit and press

Partner-up: 2 rounds of wheelbarrows and 3 sets of partner leg tosses.

Quick visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Triple Check


UpChuck Q (birthday yesterday):

Mosey towards the river, find a patch of grass (or rocks, Swirly), and circle up.

SSHs x48
IWs x12
Arm circles x18
Various stretches ’cause the Q isn’t 47 anymore
Pickers x10
HRMs x10
WWIIs x10

Mosey to the Nickel Bridge and perform a Burpee Bridge:

Starting at the toll booth, 3 burpees at every lamppost (lighted or not). When 2 men have reached Riverside Drive, returning runners pick up the group. 3 WWIIs at each lamppost on the return.

Mosey to the Tree Stump for a Prostitute (always return to the same corner):

Run from home to first, perform 10 reps of the exercise. Return to home for one burpee.

Run from home to first, perform 10 reps, then move onto second base for 20 reps, then back to first for 10 and then back home for the single burpee. Continue building/reversing up to 30 reps at 3rd base and then up to 40 reps at home.

First base: 10 mercans
Second base: 20 WWIIs
Third base: 30 Rosalitas
Home: 40 flutter kicks

Mosey to Pump House Road for some Exercise Road repeats:

Round 1: 10 monkey humpers at each post (6 posts out, 5 posts back)
Round 2: 10 LBCs
Round 3: Up the hill, 4 posts of oblique crunches (Little Baby Side Crunches?), 10 crunches at each post, alternate right/left abs at each post.


Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


January 1, Carlos Santana’s Hill in Chesterfield/Powhatan/Amelia/Roanoke at 07:00. Roll down the windows and Clown Car with your pals.

Nurses are busy these days. Let’s keep them in our thoughts, and let’s do our part to keep each other healthy.

Two quotes from today’s workout:

“Last week was a 5 alarm emergency.”

“This is definitely not a hoax.”


YHC was pretty fired up today after the workout. Lots of “that was a hard Q” from both groups. YHC confesses that he’s not sorry to have missed a Silent Assassin Q. YHC dislikes murder bunnies.

YHC has wanted to visit Burpee Bridge for some time, so a modest sized group at Dogpile offered a nice return to an old favorite. Probation crushed the uphill. Nice work.

YHC had a quick chat with Vinny yesterday, which reminded YHC of the 4-bagger. Like a good eggnog, a good Prostitute warms the heart and the toes on a chilly morning.

Happy birthday to HoneyDo.

YHC thanks Swirly for reminding YHC that having a birthday means getting one year older. YHC promises to practice saying “Tim Nee, UpChuck, 48.”

UpChuck spits the bit.


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    • Nice Q UC and HBD.

      Highlight of the day for me
      A chick with a loud raspy voice should not name her rambunctious & exploratory canine something that rhymes with Kelp or Grape. And then go unleashed. Around cyclists

      The brief interlude was responsible for raising all the Alpha’s ( that’s all of us of course) blood temp back out of the languid sludge range.

      Gitty up

  1. Thanks for the Q share Upchuck. You still move like a 47 year old! Smaller group allowed us to share more, like finding out the opposite of the Pull n’ Pray birth control method…

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