Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dodging bullets. Better than sweating bullets?


Four of us went out to see just where we might end up. This route cut some corners from the original, and still comes in at 5.5 – but there is no point in running to the lake if you dont run around the lake – come on man!

Pinto took us out. Prayers for the world.


NMS – YHC was heartened today by one of our west end neighbors that is always out of Friday when we are. “Run with the Lord!” he always shouts as we run by. We need to get him to a COT to bestow an F3 name. (sadly, Milkshake is taken now) Trying not to be disappointed in our other neighbors… of 2 other runners we got zero reaction our well placed good morning – maybe our lighting was too dazzling, or maybe we just need more RHL leadership examples from Upchuck – HBD brah.

Most importantly:

Hot Wash of Pinto’s flawlessly executed far ambush response: return fire and break contact.

  • @WeddingSinger, that means that if you are being shot at while driving on Parham, you should get low and keep driving, ideally laying down suppressive fire, err I mean, shooting back, and Pinto told us the story.
  • The actual story is rather amazing, including Pinto telling Henrico’s finest 911, “Ive been shot” (while meaning his car), and Pinto having to convince the responding officer of said finest that he might have evidence lodged in his personal conveyance, blue in color.
  • Turns out good ol’ M196 5.56/45 mm NATO moves quite well from the top A frame and down the side to the bottom. Good thing the perps know that slightly more powerful 62gr M855 green tips are not allowed on the range. Unfortunately due to pesky court cases, Pinto does not get to keep his ballistic souvenir.

Sadly one of the shootout victims died. We are very grateful that Pinto can talk about it. Our prayers go out to all involved and their families.




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  1. Pinto has Ana interesting comprehensive damage auto insurance claim.

    If MGP would provide a comprehensive physical description of said fellow exercising citizens, UpC will oblige with a Flying Headlock.

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