Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Elusive 4 minute Mile


8 brave brothers escaped the warmth of the fartsack knowing full well what laid ahead. according to the ice on the track, this is how it went down….

warm up: SSH, DQ, DMH, Helicopters, Jazzercise, merkins, LBCs

Thang 1: Quadruple triple check (later corrected by Honeymoon to be a triple quadruple check); run, dips, copperhead squats, & WWIIs. YHC was then informed that we were running out of time for track work so we advanced to the track.

Thang 2: the elusive 4 minute mile. 16 x 100m w/ 20sec rest between efforts. Lap splits were (to the best of my memory as my 2.0 erased them): 82, 79, 77, 75. for a total of a 5:13 mile.

Mosey up the ice for a peoples chair hold while each of the PAX did 10 bobby hurleys. staying at the wall next was ascending testicles 10 cadence count of regular merkins, 10 merkins with legs at 45deg angle on wall and 10 count in verticle arm stand.

Freddy M’s and flutters to end the morning.

Prayers for Florence’s mother as she recovers from a knee injury and Boberry’s sister in law for recovery from her operation.

announcearama: new years convergence at New Market. In some of the mumble chatter today I heard a new term called a, “road boner”. Defined as the the over ambition to sign up for workouts while in the stress free environment of the road.

Strong work today fellas.

YHC out


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  1. Nicely done Rosetta! You kept us on our toes today between the triple quadruple check (or quadruple triple check or whatever) and the icy track work. We’ll get down to 4 minutes next time!

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