Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Take a Left Turn at Albuquerque


Twelve frosty followers gave the fart sack the stiff arm and posted for this week’s Spider Run. The soon-to-be PAX waited for TYA’s shirt to emerge before hearing these instructions.

The Route
Around the lake, over the hill, and down the gravel path. Slight diversion for those at the front before crossing College and heading up University. University across Ridge then left on Ralston. Wave to the Grinch then take a right on River and a Right on E Glenbrooke Circle. Left on W Glenbooke Circle and Right on Summit.

4s go to the top of Summit and return via the same route.

5s come down Summit and take a right on Glenbrooke Circle, complete the circle and then return via the River and Ralston.

6s follow the 5s route but add a jug handle via Hillare and Twin Lake then add Windsor on the James loop before returning via Ralston.

We waited for Gomer and Bodos to arrive before numbers, names, and announcements.

YHC arrived and parked beside Hitchhiker’s car. Come to find out Hitchhiker is getting extra miles this AM by running back and forth in front of the cars. He was eager to launch this morning!

Everyone followed the route today with the exception of Gomer and Bodos. To Bodo’s credit, he was simply following Gomer. So this one is on Gomer. Regardless, the 6s took an unannounced (but planned) jughandle off of Glenbrooke to add a small bit of mileage to get to 6. Gomer followed suit but then lost sight of those in front of him. The map above is what Gomer sent me post run. He thought he went wrong at the blue arrow, he actually went wrong at the pink arrow, and he realized he went wrong at the red arrow. Ever the wayfinder, Gomer led Bodo’s and found his way back!

– HDHH Wednesday @ Hardywood West Creek. Come get it while you can.
– TYA is leading a reprise of his Mary Q this coming Thursday.

Nice run this AM gentlemen. Enjoy the day.




  1. I appreciated that you stayed confident the entire time GP, even when you clearly had no clue where we were 😉 . I knew if I kept following you we would eventually get back home!

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