Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Looked Easier on You Tube


9 Studly Men started the week by rising to the challenge YHC had laid out. Rain was in the forecast but the conditions were a prime sunny and 70. According to the Tuckahoe Elementary security, here is what was rumored to occur.

5.30 rings and we are off. Quick circle around the loop to collect any late arrivals and mosey to the Teachers Lot for warmarama of the following: SSH’s, Helis, DQ’s, Dead Man Hang, Merkins (regular and 1 leg). All is warm and bright, lets go.

Mosey to the bottom of Lindsay Ct for a complex Dora/Triple Check, whatever it is called. Partner up. Partner 1 – runs to the 1st lit light pole and back while Partner 2 does Lt. Dan, Squats and Carolina Dry Docks. Everyone does 3 sets of each exercise AMRAP. Al Gore for the 6.

Catch me if you Can. Partner 1 – burpee then sprint to catch Partner 2 who is Bernie Sanders up Lindsay Court. Switch and continue to the top. Originally Partner 2 was going to Al Gore but that would not have gotten us very far.

Mosey to the monkey bars for some core work with another Triple Check/Dora – whatever it is called. Partner 1 does 20 hanging V’s (keeping legs straight) from the monkey bars while partner 2 does dips until switch. 3 sets each. 2nd round included 20 hanging knee raises to the one side then switch with your partner who is doing incline merkins. 2nd set was 20 hanging knee raises to the other site for symmetry. Do 2 sets on each side (4 sets total). AG for 6.

Mosey to covered walk way for 3 sets of 10 boxing cockroaches with partner. Times up, BTTF.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, YHC took us out.

Announcements: Rosies’s 12 days of Christmas – No Toll on Tuesday; HDHH – Wednesday at Hardywood West Creek.

NMS: YHC wanted to try the hanging ab work since watching fitness model easily do this on you tube last week. The wet monkey bars made it a bit difficult for grip. Will bring it back out on a dryer day. The grunting of the PAX during the boxing cockroaches alerted a worker of the school to investigate what was happening at 6.10 in the morning. Penny for his thoughts. Appreciation to PAX for patience on the numerous modifications to todays exercises. Always good way to start the week.


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