Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frozen Block Party of 4


4 Sharp Dressed Men and 1 furry companion emerged from the warmth to battle the frozen conditions of The Forge to make themselves better men. The cold was bitter but the comradery and conversation was hot. This is how things went down

Party of 3 (and Cooper) took the slow Mosey around the bus loop looking for any late arrivals and to warm the bones ending at the flag poles for Warmarama.

COP 1 included SSH’s, Helicopters, Deadman Hang, 1 legged merkins, Arm Circles. Limbs toasty, lets mosey

Mosey to the middle parking lot for Lindsay of Hand Release Merkins and WWII’s. Audible was called after 2nd round to Merkins after mumble chatter from PAX. YHC was happy to oblige. Fresh Prince joined in making a quartet. Al Gore for the 6.

Mosey down the stairs for AMRAP circle with blocks. 7 stations set up including chest press with block, squats with block, rows with block, shoulder press with block, peoples chair & dips. Timer was the lap around lower parking lot. 3 sets of each exercise with additional running as required.

PAX carried blocks back to the pile followed by a sprint BTTF.

Numbers, Names & Announcements. YHC took us out.

NMS: Cold morning the culprit in reduced numbers but the faithful arrived. HR Merkins are brutal after 10. DTH commented Merkin Challenge was over and YHC happily audibled to avoid a mutiny. Great block work and conversation during the AMRAP. Fresh Prince reminisced on IronPax Wheel of Despair Challenge. Snuff and YHC still recovering form Murder Bunnies. Appreciate the help in bringing the blocks back to the pile.

Not in the Holiday Spirit? Rosie’s 12 Days of Christmas at No Toll on Tuesday will put you in the Jingle Mood.

HDHH – Wednesday at Hardywood West Creek – Check Slack for details.


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