Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Well because, we’re men


An even 8 including a HBR newbie, came out to the coldest day so far this winter to see if YHC could keep the PAX warm. We tried with:

COP: Invisible Jumprope, Don Qs, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, Flutterkicsk, Scorpion Kicks. Mosey to covered side of school for Sprints to get our blood flowing: Sprint length, shortening length each round. Sort of like a Michigan but not as much, maybe a UP’er.

Mosey to Tennis courts: Partner up for 3 Rounds of Wheelbarrow to net then 15 Derkins. Each man goes 3 times. Over to DK wall and partner up: 500 Donkey Kicks between the 2 with other man People’s chair until DK’er switches. Audible to 250 as wall and ground were icy making DKs impossible. Down to the Jerkin Gym and partner up again: 4 Rounds of AMRAP Jerkins. Back up to main lot: Alternate bear crawl & lunge every 4 spaces. Back across alternate Crab Walk & Broad Jumps. Finish up with Polar Bear across entire lot with Merkin at every space. Finish with 1 min of Mary: 23 Reverse Crunches, HTTR! Atilla took us out.

NMS: Good to have a solid 8 PAX in this cold gloom. Kudos for Bacon Bits for posting at HBR for the first time, where he proceeded to tweak his calf on the sprints but still soldiered through, aye. Sprints were a called to get the PAX warmed up. 500 DKs is possible for a partnered group but the frost and ice made this not the day for it.

Atilla was heard to remark on the Wheelbarrows that we do not do this exercise enough. Besides YHC calling them they are infrequently used but always effective. The AMRAM Jerkins was a test of veteran vs. newer pax as some pax emptied the tank after the first round. Tater was able to lap the pax on the bear crawls, dude is seriously half grizzly.

Announcements: 3rd F tonight, talking about Sabbath. HDHH next Wednesday at Hardywood West Creek.


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  1. Great Q Honey Do. I definitely unloaded my tank on that first round on AMRAP jerkins. Not sure I met the qualifications of the title, but it’s you vs. you, right? Great to meet my neighbor, Bacon Bits. Heal fast.

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