Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Window Shopping with the boys


E ala ‘oeE ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

There is a best practice that YHC and a few friends came up with many moons back with regard to shopping for the Holidays.  Its call Sh-rinking… yes the name could us a lot of work … but it the concept was perfect at the time. (no way I could pull this off today)
You gather up 3 or 4 other buddies that are seriously procrastinating (like me with this back blast) doing the holiday shopping; with one set as the driver but he has his dinner covered by the crew.
You set out to the 1st store on the list. As soon as anyone in the crew finds something and buys it, you all have to leave that store and go to closest location that serves beer and all Sh-rinkers have just one short beer. Upon completion of that one beer, you all go to the next store (unless someone saw something in the last store and needs to return to buy it.) As soon as the next item is purchased, you go to the closest place to buy a beer and and all Sh-rinkers have one short beer. Rinse and repeat.. You continue this over and over again until one of many options occurs..
1) all Sh-rinkers have finished shopping
2) all Sh-rinkers have run out of money
3) all Sh-rinkers can’t walk to Sh-rink any more
4) the driver is done watching others Sh-rink and wants to go home to drink in peace
or 5) someone thinks it is a good idea to go to Lowes and buy their M a shop vac because they have Sh-rank wayyyyyy to much (True story on that one and it did not go well for him).
Anyway.. it is all in good fun and makes the shopping experience a lot more fun. It also gets you a hall pass for a 2nd F to go have a few pints with the boys because technically you are out gift shopping.

The Thang:

Pre-run at 5:15
BoBerry and YHC put in 1.5 miles while Choppa sat in the truck because it was cold outside and he wasn’t ready yet?? What did VMI teach that boy?

5:30: disclaimer given and the crew is ready to head out for a WTH style beat down.

  • Short warm-up run from the AO launch site to the entry of the dog park. (3/4 miles)
  • Dynamic stretching around the round-about
    • Toe Soldiers
    • Toes out
    • Toes in
    • Butt Kickers

Conversation starts with BoBerry about Starbucks and how they operate. So there was some questions if there was a Starbucks at Target. Without 100% agreement, YHC figured it would be good to mosey over and see they actually did have one?

3/4 miles to Target and it is determined that yes indeed it is a Startbucks but its owned by Target not a “Real” Starbucks. Roger Roger was right.. but the Target was closed so we cant get any this morning. But do you know what is ALWAYS open:
MC DONALDS!!!! YHC has an addition to admit…when I am on a road trip … I have to stop and get a Quarter pounder with Cheese meal.. a single Cheese burger and a Chocolate Milkshake. I love me some McDonalds. <3

Perfect time for 1 mile of 7s.
This parking lot is just the right length from the curb of Target to the far curb of McDonalds to get in exactly 1 mile over the course of 7’s.
One side is Squats. The other side is Merkins. We finish up on the Target side and decide on the next store to go visit. LightHouse said he was fresh out base foundation from Ulta and there just so happens to be one across the street. Pinto was looking for some all natural earthy Crunchy healthy snack from Trader Joes, Roger Roger picked up some kind of virus on his phone down in Honduras while he was alone in his hotel and needed the help if i-Rite, and Pinto just kept talking about how good the bread was at LongHorn Steakhouse. Sounded like a perfect opportunity for a 4 corners to Fireman Ed, so YHC decided to go with it and let the PAX get in some shopping.

4-Corners around the full parking lot (1/4 miles)
i-Rite: 30 WW2s
Longhorn: 30 LBCs
Ulta: 30 Heels to heaven
Trader Joes: 30 American Hammers

Mosey back to the AO.
Some light stretching.
and Done!!

4 miles and some bootcamp over 45 mins.: a standard WTH beatdown with a little Sh-rinking along the way.

As always: If you have read this far. Take the next 30 seconds to text a brother Pax you have not seen in the Gloom for a while. It might just be what he was needing to help him through the day.

Thank you for allowing me to lead WTH for the week.

John (Gypsy) Boles


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