Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Playoff’s who’s talking about playoff’s?


A total of Nine strong men braved would be snowy conditions to start the week in the win column. 7 New Marketeers and 2 Satan’s Hill faithful descended on the clubhouse as the snow began to fall. According to the white Tesla here is what happened.

COP- Mosey across parking lot to and fro. SSH’sx25, 10 each DQ’s, cherry pickers, Dead man hang, helicopters, Imperial walkers, Russian soldiers, 15 each: Flutter kicks, Dollies, Rosalita’s, Merkins.

Mosey to entrance: Mix of lunges, high knees, butt kickers, shuffles, and karaoke to otterdale 3 times.

Run to the top of Satan’s hill next 4 intersections do 41 LBC’s (for the points the Browns scored) and 19 Merkins for the 19 years it has been since Browns have reached the playoffs. Mosey down to the cinder block pile. Triple check: Partner 1 Run, 2 Cindy curls, 3 Cindy overhead presses. Round 2 Curls, Cindy copters, 3 run. Called after 2 rounds to BTTF.

On way BTTF hit some plank jacks and jump squats at 2 intersections. Run BTTF through trail.

Announcements: none

Prayers: Aisle 5 made it to OTB yesterday and kept a great pace. Still recovering. Prayers to the many who passed on this date at Pearl Harbor a day that will live in American History as one of our darkest (Thanks Rosco for the reminder). YHC took us out in prayer. Snow started coming down just as we were finishing, a few stray sprays during workout. Winter is here boys.


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