Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

3rd Annual Magnum PI Day – A wet one in paradise


26 brave souls, mostly clad in Hawaiian shirts and sporting lip caterpillars, and 1 four-legged friend, crashed Robin’s Nest for the 3rd Annual Magnum PI Day. It went a little something like this:

Today’s Q played the Magnum PI Theme Music and proudly displayed the Cornhole Trophy as he planted the flag and then it was 0530 and time to mosey. The mosey took us to the customary COP circle and around it a couple times. Then, COP included:

  1. First episode aired 12/11/1980
    1. DQ (Higgins) IC x 12
    2. Helicopters (TC) IC x 11
    3. Magnum Merkins (Stache to the ground) IC x 19
    4. SSHs (just cause) IC x 80 (Q almost passed out)
  2. It ran for 8 years – 8 burpees OYO

Enough of that, let’s mosey down to the amphitheater at Robin’s Nest – man was it soupy. Gather at the bottom for instructions. There were 162 episodes of Magnum, and we have 18 steps, and 18 x 9 = 162, so on the way up, 9 squats and on the 9th one box jump to the next step. What goes up must come down, so 9 dips on the way down. Plank-o-Rama for the 6

Mosey to the Golden Triangle for the Volcano STACHE Beast. The first round involved running the Golden Triangle twice….modifications were made and audibles were called, but we still got 6 exercise stops each round and 6 rounds for the BEAST and plenty of exercise and plenty of running. Exercised included:

S – SSHs x6

T – Tempo Merkins x6

A – American Hammers 2-ct x6

C – Carolina Dry Docks x6

H – Monkey Humpers x6

E – Elbow Plank as a PAX for 30-seconds each stop

Back to the COP Circle to honor the Final Episode on 5/8/1988 with rapid fire Mary, as follows:

Hello Dollies x5

Rosalitas x8

Flutter Kicks x19

Box Cutters x8

Freddie Mercuries x8

Magnum was PI, so we finished time with Plank Jacks x8 and Imperial Walkers x8, then we chased the bad guys back to the flag.

COT, Numbers, Names, and YHC took us out.


  1. HDHH, 12/16 somewhere in Scott’s Addition see Honeydo
  2. Rosies 12-days of Christmas coming in 2 weeks at NoToll don’t miss it

NMS – Thanks to everyone for coming out today and celebrating the 3rd Annual Magnum PI Day. We will get back on the horse next year with a stache growing challenge and fundraiser. Props to EFHutton for throwing out the RAISE challenge this year. Tclaps.

It was great to experience the wet paradise with you men. Welcome to Selleck.

There were lots of strong STACHE’s in the PAX today. I love it.

Be well and Be Good!

No More Gumbo For You!


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