Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rock N’ Hill


Gold ole fashioned rocks and hill are a great way to start your morning. 

Warmarama :

10 four count SSH

10 four count Don Quixote’s

10 four count Russian Soldiers

10 four count cherry pickers

The Thang : 

Mosey to rock pile and choose your poison

All PAX together perform an exercise then run up Satan’s hill then back to parking lot for another exercise. 

Repeato for as many exercises as possible. 

1st exercise – 50 rock squats 

2nd exercise- 40 rock overhead presses

3rd exercise- 40 rock curls

4th exercise- 40 rock bent over rows

5th exercise- 25 rock WWII’s

6th exercise- 25 rock thrusters 

7th exercise- 40 four count rock flutter kicks

8th exercise- 25 rock curls to overhead press

Put rock back in its natural habitat

1 minute of American Hammers



Call me boring but I could do rocks and hills at Satans Hill for every Q. I have yet to think of something tougher so I figure I’ll keep doing it until it becomes easy. I need to build leg strength and the hill is perfect for that. 

Shout outs to Nancy Lopez 48 and Rosco 50 (RESPECT) for strong pushes every Q. You both inspire me to keep working hard so I can be as in-shape as you guys are at your age. 




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  1. Great Q Florence. I agree 100%, a better way to get your heart rate up has not been discovered, except…Nancy’s comment about Alien and the rib in filet from Ruth’s Chris; I laughed, I cried, it moved me…

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