Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gloom gifts at Twin Team


Five faithful came out to Twin Team to find mid 40s weather that felt downright balmy after yesterday. With YHC as Q we took off, as Rosie would note, to normal HD COP spot for:

SSH, Russian Soldiers, Don Qs, Merkins, & LBCs relocated to the parking lot. Mosey over to our normal Donkey Kick space to discover a wonderful new gift – 5 brand new benches sitting under the cover on the DK wall. With this newfound bounty we did:

4 Rounds of: 10 Box Jumps, run to middle of lot then 20 Merkins. Why not repeato: 4 more rounds of 20 Dips & 10 V-Ups. Finish our time on the new benches with 30 Derkins.

Over to stadium for some Zs: Run diagonal across field, 3 burpees, Bear crawl width of field to corner 3 more burpees. Run diagonal across again 3 more burpees & bear crawl back to start. 2nd round was 10 WWIIs at corners and lunge across rather than Bear Crawl.

Mosey over to mail parking lot: 20 Jump Squats at each of 6 lights with alternating run & bernie. Back to flag for some mary of: APDs, Reverse Crunches, Heels2Heaven, & Pickle Pounders. YHC took us out.

NMS: Strong PAX this morning. Rosie pointed out on the initial mosey to COP that YHC always does the COP on the field. Not sure if that is a good thing but YHC does like to Q out at Twin Team, she really is a great AO. YHC was hoping he could give a preview of his Stache to Gumbo this am but he seems to be prepping for Magnum PI day.

What a surprise it was to come over to the DK wall and find brand new benches to play with. Upon further inspection there are 5 of them, one for each PAX. Xmas seemed to come early to TT. The benches seemed to hold up well on their initial test run. Expect future Qs to play with those more, Doozy recommended Dual-partner-carry with one pax sitting on the bench while 2 pax hold each end and run around. Doublemint shared he is already a black belt Ju-Jitsu and now with his boxing training seems to be headed to a spot in the UFC sometime in 2021.

Annoucements: HDHH seems to be in the works on 12/16 or at least that week. Look for more details on Slack.


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  1. Great Q, Honeydo! My legs are smoked after the box jumps and squat-a-thon. My black belt is in TKD , which is not nearly as badass as BJJ … so. not ready for The Octagon yet. Maybe The Trapezoid ….

    • Close enough Dblmnt. Must be after seeing you in the leather jacket I upped your level of badassery in my mind. Now will you have your stache ready tomorrow at Dogpile?

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