Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

My Count is True


Ten strong launched pre-dawn (and pre-WDOG) and set the First Watch of the day. Weather conditions remained steady at sunny and 70, exceptional for early December. The Q cannot find his actual watch, so Honey Do called “close enough” at 4:59:45. Apologies to any PAX who showed up on-time.

Mosey around the parking lot and across to the front of the church for the COP

Dead Man Hang

The PAX (well, those who are old enough to remember) were reminded of a long-ago Q with the cadence. “You can do it,” “stay with me now,” “my count is true.” Some PAX found this inspirational. Good for them.

Mosey 10 Feet to the church steps for Touch-a-Tree

Triple up for Touch a Triple Check. Directions…blah, blah, blah. There are 7 big trees (not bushes or little trees, Splinter). If the plant is shorter than you, it does not count. Touch every darn one of those big ones. Swap places with your partners. Do this three times. Non-runners do WWIIs and Derkins. This worked so well, YHC plans to do it again soon.

Slow Mosey Around the Church Building. At each “sign,” meaning a thing attached to a pole or post in the ground and having standard letters of the Latin alphabet, stop, drop to the ground, and perform 5 WWIIs. If the sign is a handicapped sign, do 5 Lt. Dan’s.

YHC drove around most of the building this morning counting signs. Alas, “most” and “all” are not synonyms. Turns out there are about 10-12 signs in a very small area that was not re-conned pre-Beat Down. Happily, the PAX pointed out that the bushes there are very well manicured. The PAX also adapted (and griped). YHC apologizes.

Assemble on the back steps of the church for a triple check. One man carries a high-end tire (They are beautiful tires. The best. Lotta people are saying those are the best tires. Very classy.) to the fully bricked-in garbage area (again, very fancy) and back. Remaining partners do balls-to-the-wall and reverse crunches.

Continue the mosey around the parking lot with 5 WWIIs at each sign.

(At some point during this exercise, a small group assembled at W-Dog, patted themselves on the back for successfully awakening, and started to exercise. Good work, fellas. Way to get after it. You should take pride in starting second.)

Mosey back to the parking lot for a little Lindsey. Or, Lindsay. Or, Lin-zee. Or, Lin-z. Or,…

Pick up a block. Do a total of 40 flutter kicks and squats (with block). Debate with your neighbor the possible varieties of counting to 40. Run to roughly the 4th tree in the parking lot. Stop. Repeat the above. Do this again and again until mental exhaustion or time.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, Announcements, YHC took us out.


Lots of griping today about the WWIIs. Lotta griping.

Anniversary of YHCs Dad going home to God on Friday. 10 years. Let’s keep Mom in our prayers – big day for her.

OSOTW goes to eHarmony who has developed enough self-confidence at F3 to have his VQ next week. Way to go. Little #$*(er.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Was that a record # of Pax?

    Those tires seemed to be in great condition. Did someone swap out their summer tires for the winter variety?

    eHaromony VQ next week? Nice.

  2. Great cadence Upchuck and thanks for your message at the end. Everyone leads in his own way, you do you.

    I’m going to do lindsays starting at 39/1 and working to 1/39 just to top Honeydo.

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