Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who lost the key?


5 would be fartsackers arose to put an end to November and to start a new week off right. As YHC arrived Marmaduke muttered this is stupid in reference to the heavy rain of sunshine pouring down. YHC had secured the key to conduct this workout in mostly dry 70 degree conditions. You young PAXers may say I cheated, is older ones say “ I was outsmarting the elements.
COP- 20 SSH, 10 each DQ’s, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, dead man, Russian soldiers, jazzercise, merkins, flutters, dollies, rosalitas, lbc’s etc

the thang: 1 minute on 20 seconds off squats, ssh’s imperial walkers,

repeato with 2 minutes on same exercises

round 3 1 minute on 20 second rest: merkins, LBS’s, plank jacks, flutters, dollies, rosalitas.
run up Satans hill and down to otterdale.
people’s chair then plank. Back up and down hill

time was called.
YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks for posting this am! Kudos to Florence on the Karaoke. You sounded better than I could do but you also forced the run up Satans hill. Good to have a solid 5 on a rainy day. Prayers to aisle 5 and a quick recovery. And no wilson we did not lose the key ( may have misplaced it momentarily).


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