Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A loopy Friday


22 Strong turned up to put in some laps on beautiful friday morning. Cameos from Mr. Roper, Lab Rat, and one other biker(?).

The Thang: Run and bike loops available, terrain was trails or road. All modes were used.

NMM: One loop, 6 loops, it doesn’t matter. Getting out there and challenging yourself is what matters. YHC loves (and hates) watching the end of marathons. Each finisher has a story and a journey that they went on. Each is unique, each has some struggle or obstacle to overcome, and each is rewarded with the ultimate prize of stepping over the finish line. The older I get, the more I cry watching the back of the packers finishing the race. So, it is with that in mind that I look at each loop completed as a victory of some sort. Everyone that came out yesterday stepped up to the plate and took a swing. Each participant accomplished a goal. Each one had a story and I am glad I was able to watch and participate in some of those journeys. For posterity sake here are the counts that I have.

1 loop: Swirly, M Swirly, Water Wings, M Circle K, K2 T, KSwiss, M TYA, Bodos, M Bodos

2 Loops: Bone Thugs, Faceplant, FNG Wes, Circle K and 7-11

2+ Loops: Pucker and The Southern Belle

3+ Loops Flipper and Crikey

4 Loops: Saab and Shakedown

5 Loops: Rosie

6 Loops: TYA



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