Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Thankgiving: Turkey on an engine block!


22 dedicated warriors posted on a gloomy Thanksgiving morning.

The Thang: Mosey to side of MM for COP of Don Quixotes, WWII, Merkins, SSH. Mosey to basketball court for double triple check. Peoples chair, WWII, and run forward and backwards 2x. Mosey to field for The Beast (SSH, Merkins, LBC, jump squats, WWII). Mosey to end of field for suicide 11’s of SSH and merkins. Mosey back to the flag and COT.


Thanksgiving talk abounded. Lots of discussion about where the first Thanksgiving was. Lots are on the Virginia bandwagon, a few of the history buffs guessed Massachusetts and there was a vote for Florida and Detroit Michigan. A few facts about Berkely VA. They did have a Thanksgiving in 1619. It was to celebrate the arrival and safe travel across the seas. It consisted of a prayer (no meal). It was so successful, that according to the sign on the capital trail wasn’t immortalized until 1958 – 339 years later. Oh, and it was in December. Massachusetts facts. November date. Feast to celebrate the harvest. Included family and friends including many native americans. Details of Detroit and Florida are unknot, except that in Detroit the turkey was cooked on the engine block of the car. So…take the facts and you decide what event our current Thanksgiving was modeled after.

We have a lot to be thankful of. The bounty that we have in our lives is unbelievable. I hope everyone enjoys the day and their families.



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