Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Middle Finger with a Secular Close


14 gents ran a version of Singer’s-Toe run – which some described as having a middle finger due to the long upward climb up near the end. 4, 5, and 6 mile routes were represented. YHC opted for a secular and un-inspired close in the end. (This is what you get when you are not the Q and function as a stand-in….sorry fellas.)


  • TYA’s alternate and fictitious rendering of the origins of Thanksgiving will be heard at the convergence workout on Thursday (6:00am)
  • TYA’s run/bike/walk every hour on the hour on Friday, Forest Hill. 7:00am launch. All are welcome at any time/hour

Saab abides


4’s: Take University up to Westham Parkway. Head south towards River Rd

5’s: Take Lakewood to Wood to Baldwin. Take left onto Westham Parkway from Baldwin…head South toward River Road

6’s: Take Lakewood to Wood to Waveny. Turn left onto Westham Parkway. Take to River Road. (Follow instructions below, however add the Ross-Road jug-handle

All: Take Westham Parkway to River. Cross at River to Country Squire then left onto South Ridge. Take down to Westham Station. Take first left up Old Bridge then turn a quick right onto Highland and keep climbing. Turn around when you reach River Rd and head back down to Westham Station. Head toward shopping center and then take the bat cave home.


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