Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

NM runners club


9 strong challenged themselves to a bit of an Indian summer morning to start the week off right. YHC was happy to see quite the contingent making their way down the hill to the flag as I sped by on my bike. According to the white Tesla here is what happened.

Mosey to and fro in the lot. COP: 20 SSH’s, 10 each: DQ’s, Imperial walkers, cherry pickers dead man hang, Russian soldier, Merkins. (Some counts may have been 9 but sho’s counting? Obviously not YHC.

The thang:

Mosey up Satan’s hill. 4 corners combined with a triple check. Group 1 do 50 merkins and 50 LBC’s, Group 2 50 LBC’s then run to next corner, group 3 run to next corner. PAX completes both exercises at each of the next 3 corners ending with finishing exercises at last corner. About to do a second lap when YHC confused the PAX and himself so audible was called. To the rock pile we moseyed. Triple check. 1. Triceps with rock, 2. Curls with rock, 3 run horseshoe to stop sign and back. 2nd triple check 1. Rock copters, 2 rock squats, 3 Bernie to top of lot and mosey back. Time was called. POG really pushed the PAX and namely YHC with his blazing speed.

Prayers to Aisle 5 and a quick recovery. Prayers to all those traveling.

Announcmeents: TYA thanksgiving celebration at Mary, Forest Hill loops on Black Friday. See preblasts.

Always an honor to lead. Good to have the runners club back in the mix.


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  1. Challenging Q today Nancy! Loved it and some things just are not meant to be mixed together. Good effort tho. Thanks for leading us.