Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Beast of Twin Team: Part Dos


5 history buffs or possibly 4 history buffs and a math major that accidentally found himself in a history class today arrived at BW to see what YHC could learn them.

Mossey to the top of Twin Team for C.O.P.

DQ’s, Helicopters, Dead Man Hangs, Cherry Pickers and Imperial Walkers

As the story picks up from our last adventure the landing team goes in search of the Beast of Twin Team. To do this they must make a stop at each one of their trail markers as per the map.

On our way down the hill our adventurers had to look high and low kind of like Burpee Squat Jumpers (X6 ea) back up the hill to the start

Our fearless team did not see the Beast but they got knocked down kind of like American Hammers (X6 ea) back up the hill to the start

While our hero’s where already down they decided to look closer to the ground kind of like a merkin (X6 ea) back up the hill to the start

After that it was time to get back up kind of like a No Hostages (X6 ea) YHC was the only one not with bare knees this morning so the rest of the landing party decided to get back up more like Lung (X6 ea) back up the hill to the start

With time not on our side and wanting to get back to the ship before anyone lost their lives we decided to head BTTF but something happened and we all got knocked back down on the way kind of like Crab Cakes. Then from out of no where a loud roar was heard followed by the worst smell known by man or beast.

Did O.C. eat the Beast or just have something bad from Del Taco last night?? We may never know

At the flag and with some extra time the team had to make sure that the party was still alive kind of like Man Killers


Lots of mumble chatter was heard when YHC turned right on the mossey to the COP leaving BW and even more when the curtesy stop was passed at the bottom of TT but once the glow sticks came out Sh%# got real. We had a great adventure and no one actually lost their lives but OC must have ate some road kill on the mossey over.


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  1. My apologies men! I was stinky. Happy to report that the wallet has been found. Must be the good Twin Team vibes that led me to it. Great Q Doozey.

  2. Thanks for leading Doozy…hoping that a part tres never shows up since that beast is good and dead!

    OC, you can’t leave us hanging like that….where did you find the wallet?!