Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cindy wreaks havoc


YHC rolled into Satan’s Hill with what he thought was 1 minute to spare. YHC found Wilson had already started COP! 4 SH faithful and a traveler from far away lands, Chaplain, had made the journey. According to the now silent frogs this is what went down.

COP- Wilson stated, YHC picked up with SSH, DQ’s, deadman hang, Arm circles, Helicopter, etc.

Mosey to top of Satan’s Hill. Big 4 corners with 20 merkins, 20 WWII’s, 20 plank jacks and 40 LBC’s.

Run to the Cinderblock pile aka Cindy pile. Do 15 flutters, 15 dollies, 15 Rosalita’s at each corner on way, 3 corners.

Triple check: Runner, Cindycurls, Cindy presses. Run back to flag repeato of an work on corners on way back. 2 minutes of plank rounded out the 45.

Prayers to Aisle 5 and recovery. YHC took us out in prayer. Good to have Chaplain join the NM crew today.


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