Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Prime Deal of the Day


Six of River Road’s finest gathered for First Watch to see who would be oversharer of the week. The PAX would only have to wait until after COP for the story to begin. Mosey to our favorite triangle for COP:

25x SSH
15x Imperial Walkers
10x Malfunctioning Helicopters
10x Mountain Climbers
10x Merkins
10x Fire Hydrants

The Thang
Traveling AO today. Start by strolling over to Country Squire for mailbox bingo. Left mailboxes were WWIIs, right mailboxes were merkins. Do the number on the mailbox and continue all the way up to ridge.

Brief saunter over to Ross, stopping at one cross street for burpees until the PAX catches up. Work our way down Ross with mailboxes on the left as markers for merkins (10x) and right mailboxes jump squats (10x). Continue to the bottom of Ross.

Partner up for catch me if you can back up Ross. One partner does WWIIs while the other backwards runs. Flip when partner one catches up. Switch to burpees half way up the hill and then half the PAX got lost.

After corralling the PAX, we worked our way back to the flag with more mailbox bingo. 5x burpees turned into 5x WWIIs. Then back to the flag for Freddie Mercuries, APDs, and American Hammers.

Announcements and YHC took us out.

– Prayers for the health care workers as they begin to navigate the next phase of this pandemic and hopefully peaceful dispersement of vaccines.
– Prayers for our PAX that have or may have the ‘rona. You know who you are and know that we are praying for you.

Ample oversharer opportunities today. Some took the opportunity for a multi-mailbox story, others simply stated “I almost siht my pants”. Either way, Amazon can be a great place to buy new underwear.

First Watch continues to deliver. See y’all soon.




  1. Underwear, yo-yo’s, and poop. The First Watch Trifecta.

    Handshake had some good recommendations for online gift shopping.

  2. I think First Watch was built for 6 people. I love when the whole Pax can have 1 group conversation. Frankly, it really means 1 person telling a story and 5 listening.

    My vote for the OSOTW is Hutton.

  3. We should declare OSOTW weekly (which we already do). That person has to wear said badge (tassel, medal, whatever) the entirety of the next workout before depositing said badge by the blocks for next week’s recipient.

  4. That’s a great idea. Let’s work on drawing up some examples. Maybe an electric toothbrush on a chain?