Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Only dude that forgot a hat


YHC here, for a late but not forgotten BB. Yup, YHC was the only one that didn’t have a hat on what is so far the coldest morning of 2019 and 2020. It was a hot potato Q for a Wednesday morning W-Dog.

Swirl-y started us out with some mosey-ing to the Carillon and much needed stretching. There were lots of creaks and groans as the cold seeped into our bones. Deadman hang, Donny-Q’s, right knee right elbow, left knee left elbow, some merkins and side straddle hops and a few other Swirly morning favorites and the crew was ready to begin.

Hitch picked up the hot potato and we moseyed on over to the triangle for three laps. Lunges for one leg, run down the hill then bernie back up the hill. 20 side straddle hops at the bottom of the hill for each lap, and 20 merkins at the top of the hill for each lap. Good mumble chatter on the running portions.

Shiplap got the potato next – can we call it a soft opening of a VQ for Ship? perhaps… Headed to the sunken field for a beat down. Partner up, timer runs to the end of the field and back, while other partner works through 100 merkins, 150 monkey humpers, 200 Carolina dry docks, and 250 LBCs. Thankfully YHC picked a visiting partner (Slim) that was a merkin machine. Thank you slim!

With just a few minutes to spare YHC got the potato (AND the BB), and now you are stuck with YHC. Mosey-ed over to where it all began for 10x burpees, then a little bit of a merkin ring of fire, each one does 10x their favorite merkin while others wait in the front lean and rest position. Around the circle once then we balanced it out with another round of abs ring of fire. Hitch introduced us to something from Jackie Chan’s play book. Then mosey on back to the flag, but stopping at the circle for 10x more merkins on the curb, then with hands on the curb shuffled to the left around the circle. Up and mosey back to the flag.

Numbers, names, and announcements.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving morning and black Friday laps at Forest Hill Park. Let TYA know if you’re coming!

Shakedown took us out with insightful words on being mindful.


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  1. You aren’t kidding about the creaks and groans. They may have mostly been coming from me. Good fun gents and great conversation. Thanks Faceplant for finishing up and writing the BB. SYITG